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        เครดิต ฟรี 188 บาท

        You are the champion of good. We are the champion of you.

        Accounting & Finance

        Financial Insights Coaching

        One of our accounting specialists will work closely with the person managing your finances over 12 months (a full fiscal cycle) to review your accounting reports, answer questions, and help ensure your financial records are accurate. The goal: make sure your financial tools effectively tell your organization’s story and build skills, efficiencies, and confidence within your organization.

        Connect with a consultant

        How Can We Help You?

        Propel Nonprofits' programs and services provide a holistic approach to meet your most pressing needs, including the ability to more closely link strategy, governance, and finance.

        Our Trainings

        Propel Nonprofits trainings provide you with the competence, confidence, and capability you need to accurately manage your organization’s finances, develop your board’s expertise, and develop plans for today and the future.

        Our Resources

        Having access to a comprehensive set of tools to strengthen a nonprofit’s financial management, board governance, and strategic planning is essential to success. Propel Nonprofits’ free online resource library helps your nonprofit develop and implement effective practices.

        Case Study

        Hopewell Music Cooperative North

        "We received advice for how to effectively partner with the board and offer support through board development, and as an organization we were able to pivot and be responsive when the pandemic began."

        Andrea Myers, Executive Director, Hopewell Music Cooperative North

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